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Lollipop by Kaxen6 Lollipop by Kaxen6
Although children notice when things are cute, they generally don't seem to remark that about each other (minus maybe when they're interested in baby siblings...for the first five minutes... then they realize the younger sibling gets attention and all they do is sleep cry and poop)... most kids probably wouldn't give candy to each other for being cute.

Though Aurus is both too old to beg for candy and lisp... unless he was just speech impaired or something. Aurus doesn't actually lisp at all...

Of course Aurus could buy his own candy, but everything's better when people just hand it to you (unless you're a spoiled trust fund baby, then you're probably considering it business as usual.).

Although Aurus might muster some semblance of maturity if he tries, he tends to give up and acts the way he looks. That and his mental functions are permanently childish so no matter how adult he tries to act, he's bound to commit some weird logic failure that adults wouldn't (or shouldn't... but then again, a lot of internet denizens seem to be dumber than a ten-year-old and there's that "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?" show...). That and Aurus spends at least 25% of his life sitting down to imagine something patently absurd.

Even Simab treats Aurus like a little kid most of the time and Simab is totally aware that Aurus is actually 30 at that point. I think only the villain thinks of Aurus as an adult since he kind of looks like a pedocidal bastard otherwise.

If Aurus wasn't kind of happy-go-lucky, he'd probably be way more depressed about how he needs to repeatedly get new friends since he's destined to outlive all of them thanks to the "one immortal" rule.

>_> I probably act more immature than I should sometimes. But I dunno how often I get away with it... Then again, I'm an artist and that seems to be "license to insanity"
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May 11, 2010
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